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April 12, 2012
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Meme: My top 10 anime/manga couples by seashellskeeper Meme: My top 10 anime/manga couples by seashellskeeper
Heyy guys, I'm just making this meme for fun, cause you know, choose pictures of your fav couples is always fun :la:

10 - Ichiruki: I love them because they make me think of yin yang, with the black and white of their released zanpakutous, and the way they became connected when she stabbed him in the heart with her sword. The way he wanted to die when he thought Rukia was going to die, reminded me a lot of a famous tragic Shakespeare story, and I wonder if Ichigo's belief on true love isn't exactly like Romeo and Juliet's. :iconinloveplz:

9 - Ichiryou: Ichigo and Ryou have the most chemistry working for them in the entire anime/manga. In fact, in the manga, Ryou admits to being in love with Ichigo and at some point in both the anime and the manga, I swear to God that Ichigo was feeling something more then friendship and dislike for Ryou.

8 - Narumai: Naru and Mai are perfect together, she obviously love him, and in her "dreams" it looks like he loves her too, and pretty sure that that's not a dream, that he actually loves her, but he likes to keep his "cool" pose, so he doesn't say anything x'D

7 - Saino: Okay, this two I'm 85% sure that they will end up together, everytime that they have a scene is like sooooo cute, and I'm sure Ino likes him, and him.... Oh well, he's still learning how to feel so... x'D

6 - Shikatema: Okay, this two are one of the most probable couple in the anime, EVERYTIME that these two have a scene is full of chemistry and they fight in a way that u can see that they are just teasing each other. They will be together I'm sure of that.

5 - Kibahina - Kiba and Hinata... Oh well, how can I start, Kiba obviously likes Hinata, as far as Hinata, she is still obsessing over Naruto, but one day she will realize that he don't love her, unless I hope so (I'm sorry NH fans but it's true). So who better to end up with Hinata than Kiba? The guy who is always there for her, he will take care of her, and won't hurt her feelings ignoring her love confession you know ... '

4 - Sasuhina - Okay, I like these two because their are like yin yang so opposite, and I notice some time ago that Sasuke and Hinata have the same hair color and the same color in their clothes O_o So cute and weird, but anyway, their are also both trying to surpass their brother, and both of them are always trying to get stronger.

3 - Nejihina - Neji and Hinata are way to cute together (yes I know that their cousins, and if you don't notice in japan that's totally okay [and in a lot of others contrys too])
And Neji have this huge crush on her when they were little, and also now his is always trying to protect her, and is always concerned about her, and this is so cute and rare for a guy like Neji.

2 - Amuto: - Yes men! Amuto for life! They have THE BEST relacionship EVER! HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LIKE AMUTO???!!!! tadagay wouldn't do anything but make amu miserable at least ikuto shows his love tadase calls her "hinamori-san" if he really liked her he would call her amu-chan or something... yah he does later in the manga but just saying "i love you" doesnt prove anything ikuto tells her he loves her and shows it by saving her and visiting her and gives her treats!!!! plus ikuto and amu look much better together.

1 - Narusaku: I like NaruSaku because is one of the most realistic and well-builded pairings I have seen in all the media I know. Their mutual development, support, trust and little but significant gestures made me fell in love with this couple. They also complement each other in everyway: Naruto is Sakura's "Earth" while Sakura is Naruto's "Heaven", not to mention that Naruto's devotion to Sakura is admirable, as well Sakura's change of view towards him: she started from despising him to genuinely care for him and trust in him completely, not to mention she has confused feelings for him.Also, there's the fact that Sakura and Kushina are so much alike that it's pretty obvious that Kushina's quote was hinting narusaku. I've always been a NaruSaku fan from the very beginning. i think those 2 are meant to be together. Not to mention if Naruto does get Sakura, it means that he can succeed in anything he does in life and that his will to never give up will never die.
Besides I don't think she lie about loving Naruto, the only thing she lie about was to not care about Sasuke anymore.
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10. Medaka x Zenkichi (Medaka box)
09. Ash x Misty (Pokemon)
08. Suzu x Ikuto (Nagasarete Airantou)
07. Edward x Winry (FullMetal Alchemist)
06. Kallen x Lelouch (Code Geass)
05. Ryuuji x Taiga (Toradora!)
04. Himari x Yuto (Omamori Himari)
03. Mamoru x Usagi (Sailor Moon)
02. Orihime x Ichigo (Bleach)
01. Naruto x Hinata! (Naruto)
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u mean ichigo and Rukia?

ShiroZengestuGF Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Student
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me it's

1. Ichiruki
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10.ed/win (fullmetal alchemist)
9.lin/ran (too fma)
8.ichi/ruki (bleach)
7.ganta/shiro (deadman wonderland)
6.pip/seras (hellsing)
5.rin/shiemi (ao no exorcist)
4.krory/eliade (d gray man)
3.abel/esther (trinity blood)
2.stein/mary (soul eater)
1.gazile/levy (fairy tale)
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